July 17, 2024
vehicle's tires

Two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicle, it is important to know the reasons which oblige you, at the appropriate time, to replace them. How to do ? Here are some tips to help you.

Why do you need to change your tires?

Changing your tires can be urgent in some cases. It is the guarantee of your safety on the roads

Your tires are damaged

Common damage you encounter are punctures, cuts or cracks.

Punctures by sharp objects are the most common.

In addition, if you often drive on potholes, you risk damaging your tires.

Hard braking and the way you negotiate turns can also affect their condition.

A lack of parallelism can cause uneven wear on both sides.

Proper balancing can help you avoid punctures. Under-inflation is not good and over-inflation is also bad.

Your tires are worn

Wear is also an imperative reason to change or repair a tire. Here’s how to recognize worn tires.

Visible damage

A bump or deformation on the sidewall of the tire is a clear sign of deterioration.

A visible cut may be deep. Do not trust the superficial aspect, it will be necessary to check.

The presence of an object in the tread causes damage, especially if the object in question is sharp.

In this case, you can resort to emergency solutions such as the anti-puncture spray, repair kits such as the mushroom or the wick.

But this is only a short-term solution, you have to think about changing your tire, especially if you have already had a repair done before.

Sensitive wear.

Performance issues while driving indicate wheel wear. When the tread becomes smooth, skids are frequent and braking is more difficult.

Vibration in the race of the tire or steering wheel is also a sign of wear.

Tire inflation should be checked at least once a month. An inflation redone in less than a week testifies to wear.

Your tires are old

The maximum life of a tire is six years. A tire that has been in use for ten years is too old.


Driving on snow and ice with winter tires ensures your safety and extends the life of your tires.

How to make the tires of your vehicle last?

The durability of your tires depends on how you drive. Check the inflation pressure every 1000 km.

Also regularly monitor the condition of the tires, balancing and parallelism.

If your budget allows, buy two wheels at the same time.

Follow the instructions given by your garage. Be sure to respect the dimensions of your new tires (width, height, rim diameter).

How to choose replacement tires?

Sometimes replacing a damaged wheel is not mandatory.

It is always wiser to seek the advice of a tire specialist to judge the possibility of repairing your tires.

tire repair is always possible if the deterioration is not internal. But it is necessary to disassemble the tire to see it. Leave the work to the professionals. They are the only ones able to make such a diagnosis.

Some stores sell used tires . Ask for their help in choosing.

Do better, go for new wheels that have a longer lifespan.

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