June 22, 2024
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Much like the principle of shoe wax, Carnauba wax is all about making the vehicle shine. In other words, it enhances the shine of your car’s body. Carnauba wax is also a cosmetic ingredient that is known only to regulars. Even if the origin of palm oil and the latter is the same, these products do not have the same properties. Indeed, the wax is both natural and ecological.

The properties of carnauba wax

This natural wax is multi-purpose. It can be used in the automotive world, but also in the world of cosmetics. It is especially present in lipsticks since it provides a strong resistance to heat.

Carnauba wax can make any signs of dehydration go away. This ability is also valid for vehicles. You might be wondering what is the relationship between dehydration and a vehicle? In fact, applying the wax to the car helps prevent any traces of discoloration . As the sun and the weather cause harmful chemical reactions to the paint of your precious vehicle, you will not have to worry about it after applying it to your bodywork.

In addition, this type of wax has a high resistance to humidity and prevents the paint on your bodywork from deteriorating due to water. Therefore, if you live in areas with heavy rain, you will have nothing to worry about since the humidity will have no effect on the Carnauba wax.

Regarding its properties in the field of cosmetics, wax has a specific texture and very good heat resistance. This is used to stabilize and adjust the viscosity of materials. It is also used to thicken emulsions.

In addition, this wax also has a film-forming property, that is to say that its application forms a protective film on the skin while softening and moisturizing it.

The criteria to take into account when choosing your Carnauba wax

Before making any decision, you have to start defining the type of wax you want to apply to your vehicle. Since the wax is natural and organic, it offers unfailing effectiveness on your vehicle. It provides protection against scuffs and scratches. The only problem is its durability of 2 months at most. You must therefore apply it frequently to avoid any risk of damage to your bodywork. It is important to take into account its durability and the nature of the product. If you want a glowing and satisfying result, go with Carnauba auto wax, as it’s less abrasive and is non-synthetic.

Also examine the components to avoid synthetics being added to the Carnauba wax. The higher the additive, the less effective it is. Therefore, if you want exceptional shine under the sun’s rays, orient your choice towards a 100% natural product. If you’re in bad weather, carnauba wax will also do the trick and give your car a new lease of life .

Choosing your wax is often a difficult task, because you have the choice between synthetic wax which can offer the same results while being durable and a natural wax which is more ecological and effective in terms of rendering. It is strongly advised to apply the one that is natural so that your vehicle does not have any scratches. Its application requires a minimum of knowledge. Remember not to use a dirty or hard cloth to clean your vehicle after installation.

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