June 22, 2024
Vehicle towing

Did your car break down on a road or highway? While some vehicle breakdowns are likely to be repaired quickly and do not require treatment in a garage, others are more serious and require towing to a car garage or to a specialized centre. But, what is the vehicle towing service?

Vehicle towing: what is it?

The regulations and the technique for towing a vehicle are complex. It is therefore advisable to contact your car insurer or a vehicle towing professional to entrust him with the management of car towing and, depending on the contracts, its financial support.

Indeed, the car towing service consists of transporting a broken down vehicle from a given point to a breakdown center or a car garage by car repatriation experts. The collection of your car as well as its delivery take place at the address of your choice, at the place you have indicated when ordering or at home. The conditions of this service will depend on the car insurance contracts.

Most of the time, the auto breakdown assistance guarantee applies in the event that the breakdown occurs at a distance greater than 50 kilometers from your home. At less than 50 kilometres, an additional guarantee is required in order to enjoy material assistance. Most often, the transport of a broken down vehicle anywhere in mainland France is provided for by the assistance of your contract.

Depending on your guarantees, the towing of a broken down car can also be insured from the countries listed on the back of your car insurance card, the European Union and other key European countries. It should however be noted that the repatriation of a vehicle from abroad is generally subject to conditions, particularly with regard to the duration of the professional or tourist stay.

Vehicle towing: contact your insurer

Whether you want vehicle towing over a short distance or a long distance, the first thing to do is to contact the assistance service of your auto insurance contract. Although not all contracts compensate for repatriation, particularly over long distances, it is possible that this reflex is relevant in more ways than one.

Your contract may include a towing and breakdown service. Check exclusions such as covered damage and mileage limit. If a guarantee is provided, the insurance will only take care of the cost of the breakdown service if it is the one who plans it. Thus, it can, for example, delegate a specialist from its network for operations. This does not, however, concern the amounts of the coins.

The towing of a vehicle by a private individual is subject to a number of restrictions: maximum speed of 25 km/h, obligation to be two, prohibition on the motorway, etc. While waiting for your immobilized car to be towed, you must respect a second rule by getting to safety, preferably behind a safety guard if possible.

How is the car towing service priced?

Like many services in the automotive field, the price of a repatriation service can fluctuate from simple to double, because the latter is dependent on several criteria. These include the distance, the nature of the vehicle, the location, the type of towing, the time or the day. Nevertheless, whether the towing takes place on a road or on an expressway and motorway, there are indicative rates to be observed.

In short, the vehicle towing service consists of moving a broken down car from its immobilized location to a breakdown center or a car garage by car repatriation professionals. Its price depends on various parameters and varies from expert to expert.

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