April 16, 2024
second-hand market

Recognized as one of the best car auction sites, VPauto allows you to take advantage of the best opportunities in the used vehicle market.


The VPauto sale is the easiest way to buy a vehicle: just raise your hand!


You have a complete description of the condition of each vehicle: you therefore know what works and what does not work on the car you want (its strengths and weaknesses).


VPauto organizes sales every week. This gives you a wide choice and the ability to quickly find the vehicle that suits you.
Its availability is immediate, you can go driving as soon as the file is finalized. Practice !


The VPauto sale is the ideal solution to buy your car at the best price. At VPauto you will find recent vehicles, maintained, well equipped and on which VPauto is committed to the greatest transparency. Ideal for making a serene choice! The prices observed are the best on the market: compare, you will see!


Transactions are carried out within a completely secure system. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, it’s simple and risk-free!


An independent expert undertakes for you by testing the vehicle on the road, by appraising it from every angle.


With more than 4,000 vehicles presented each month, you have a wide choice. All brands (even the rarest) are represented in our sales, we offer vehicles in all ranges and for all budgets. Professionals, with more than 25 to 30 electronic sales per week and 4 to 5 indoor sales each month, VPauto offers you every chance of quickly finding the vehicle you are looking for at the best price.

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