July 17, 2024
Vehicle maintenance

Safety demands! Any car, whether new or used, needs regular maintenance. It is also the assurance of its good behavior over time. Mechanical breakdowns will be reduced and its beautiful aesthetics will be maintained for a long time.

What are the important points to check? Major maintenance requires a visit to a car garage and some checks can be carried out by you.

Technical visits to the workshop

Compulsory since January 1 , 1992, the technical control of light vehicles, in France, must be carried out, for the first time, during the 6 months preceding the 4th year of registration (ie 4 years after purchase). The other checks will then be carried out every 2 years, i.e. after every 30,000 km.

More than 130 points are to be checked during these visits. For example, identification, brake operation, steering, visibility, lighting, grounding, bodywork,

mechanics and pollution.

At the same time, you can:

– engine drain,

– replacement of tires and brakes,

– replacement of the pollen filter, spark plugs,

– repair of damaged equipment (windshield wipers, oil filter, battery, etc.),

– washing the vehicle, polishing and painting the bodywork.

To find a car maintenance specialist near you, go to GARAGE HESPEL in Pont-du-Château. Experienced, its mechanics will be able to inspect your car from the windscreen wipers to the engine, passing through the traffic lights and detect the repairs to be made and the parts to be changed. They will guarantee you neat and reliable services, whatever the scope of the maintenance.

Checks to be made by the driver

In order to prevent possible breakdowns and avoid accidents, there are certain elements of your vehicle that you can check yourself from time to time, namely:

the front and rear lights and that of the mirrors

Are they dirty or broken, as this may cause a road hazard.

the windscreen

Is there a crack or impact? And is it dirty, because pollution can lead to scratches when it rains.

windshield wipers

Do the wiper blades leave streaks on the windshield?

engine oil level

It must be between the 2 min and max marks. The oil will serve:

– to lubricate, clean, inhibit corrosion,

– improve sealing and evacuate friction and combustion heat.

brake fluid level

It should be close to the max mark. Otherwise, there is a leak in the braking circuit .

coolant level

It must be close to the maximum mark, otherwise it is a sign that the engine is consuming water, hence the risk of a cylinder head gasket problem.

windshield washer fluid level

Make sure that it is regularly filled with liquid with antifreeze properties.

tires (wear indicators, sidewall condition, pressure, etc. )

You should know that under or over-inflated tires wear out more quickly.


Make sure it is always fully charged.

dashboard lights and headlights

You need to know the meaning of the indicator lights. Depending on the diagrams, it may be insufficient engine oil pressure, faulty belt, malfunction of the water pump. It may also indicate a defective head gasket, low brake fluid level, old brake pads, or battery failure.

However, in the event of major difficulties, do not delay in entrusting the tasks to a professional . At GARAGE HESPEL, you benefit from the know-how of mechanics who have been in business for more than 15 years. Entrust them with the complete maintenance of your car, your satisfaction is assured.

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