July 17, 2024
car rental

Car rental is a complicated business. Before you get started in the field, you need to ask yourself the right questions. To better orient you, the following points should be considered.

The choice of rental car

In the context of car rental , deciding which vehicle to opt for is complicated, if you are new to the field. In fact, the choice is based on specific criteria. When you go to a rental company, the cars are offered to you in four categories designated by the letters A, B, C and D. The A corresponds for example to small cars such as the Twingo or 107. You must choose the category that suits you according to your needs and your budget but also the number of people who will travel with you.

Car rental insurance

The question of insurance is always essential in the vehicle market, whether it is a rental, a purchase or a sale. In general, for car rental, there is third-party insurance, also called civil liability insurance, which will cover the compensation you owe to others when there is damage, material or bodily, which occurs during the rental. This type of insurance is included in the rental contract, but it does not cover the driver if he is injured during the rental. In this case, you can take out travel insurance. But if you want to benefit from total coverage, there is damage insurance, which takes care of all cases without excess, such as theft, rental car destruction, fire or collision. Apart from that, there is also car insurance assistance who constantly monitors the tenant. However, it only intervenes in the event of an accident. So, it is important to know all these types of insurance in order to guarantee your safety and to make your trip in the best conditions.

The price of car rental

The main concerns of vehicle lessees are based on the question of price. This may depend on the rental agency and the type of car you choose and also the duration of the contract. For a category A car, for example, the rental rate is 35 euros per day on average. If you rent a self-service car, the price including insurance varies from 40 to 105 euros per day. For the rental of a car with driver , count approximately between 350 to 850 euros, which varies according to the category and the conditions. To benefit from a better rate, you can contact the company ” Au bas prix “, it also offers different types of vehicles.

The conditions for being able to rent a car

Like all types of vehicle transactions, not just anyone can lease a vehicle . Indeed, you must be at least 21 years old, that is to say be of legal age, and have young driver insurance. Then, it is essential to have a valid driver’s license relating to the category of vehicle you are renting. In addition, some files are necessary in order to be able to conclude a rental contract, in particular: your identity card, your driving license, a proof of residence certificate. Sometimes, some rental agencies require your proof of income.

Things to know before renting a car

It is important to take these few points into account before renting a vehicle. The condition of the car must be checked in the presence of the lessor and mentioned in the rental contract. This allows you to avoid any inconveniences that may arise during the trip. It may happen that the rental company asks you for compensation in the event of damage to the car that you did not even cause.

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